We are using advanced models of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

System is monitoring defined area through the camera and analyzing the content.

Ability to recognize people or parts of the human body in the video stream allows a variety of options how

to react to specific situations.

Emergency machinery stop

Ability to recognize people or part of the human body on the stream from camera

System is monitoring defined danger zone and continuously checking the proximity of live objects

In case of danger can system automaticaly trigger following actions:

  • Immediately stops the machine (crushers, presses, ...)
  • Slows down the operating speed (robotic arm)
  • Triggers an alarm
  • Projects an optical warning (laser sign on the ground, etc.)

Personal Protective Equipment Check and Control

Ability to recognize if worker is carrying proper PPE

In case of violation can system trigger following actions:

  • Denies access to the the restricted zone (gate)
  • Keeps the machinery inactive until the proper PPE is used (cranes, fork lifter, machinery)
  • Displays warning or informs supervisor

Face Recognition for Operator Authorization

Ability to recognize faces of personnel within the factory

Based on the recognized face can system trigger following actions:

  • Keeps the dangerous machinery inactive for non-authorized staff
  • Unlocks dedicated mode for authorized oparated
  • Restricts access to dangerous zone (gate)

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